Teaching optics using a Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is a great tool for teaching. Its affordable price makes it appealing for students and teachers that can make interesting experiments without spending a fortune. The understanding of optics requires lot of geometry, but equations are deeply understood only by a small number of students. Drawings may help, but making them requires some… Continua a leggere Teaching optics using a Raspberry Pi

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An Arduino based Newton’s disc

During the past days I was busy with the preparation of a scientific exhibition that opened on September 25 for the European Research Night. The year 2015 is the International Year of the Light, as declared by the UN, hence the theme of the exhibition is the Light and its scientific applications. We were working… Continua a leggere An Arduino based Newton’s disc

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Scienza e Arte nell’Anno della Luce

Dal 5 marzo al 21 giugno alle Scuderie del Quirinale c'è una mostra di opere di Matisse. Ne sono venuto a conoscenza grazie alla pubblicità esposta un un autobus in servizio che mi precedeva mentre tornavo a casa dal lavoro (vedi foto). La pubblicità mi ha subito colpito per un particolare. Per capire perché è… Continua a leggere Scienza e Arte nell’Anno della Luce